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QUEENSLAND to NEW SOUTH WALES re-directed on arrival
1875 mourning cover with Queensland QV Chalon 2d tied "102" sunburst with Rockhampton JA 4 75 to Rees R. Jones, Yass, New South Wales, on arrival NSW Side Face QV 2d added and tied for re-direction to the Royal Hotel, Sydney. Large part missing flap but an unusual and rare combination of two different QV portrait adhesives. Ex Von UEXKULL.

LADY EMILY packet WRECKED ON BERMUDA REEFS (June 9, 1813), Jamaica and Bermuda postal history
Newly discovered BWI wreck entire written Falmouth April 18th 1813 and marked "p the Lady Emily Packet" to John MacNishie, Midd Connadge, near Fort George, North Britain with FALMOUTH/JA and JAMAICA 21 MY 1813 fleuron struck across flap rated Paid 1/3 and 2/8 changed 2/11 (unpaid) with Add "½" Scottish toll showing London 10 AU 1813 transit b/stamp and AUG 13 1813 arrival above address panel.
Mail from Jamaica left on the Lady Emily packet on MY 22 1813 and was wrecked on the reefs off Bermuda on June 9th 1813, all mails, passengers and crew saved (as reported Lloyds list (4791) 30 July 1813 and in the BERMUDA GAZETTE June 19, 1813). Journey time 80 days. (Mail from the wrecked Lady Emily was possibly carried home by the Duke of Montrose packet, captured and ransomed, which returned to Falmouth 10 AU 1813 - see Foster handbook Page 40). A document handed by Commander of U.S. Frigate to the Captain of the Duke of Montrose (Britnor P.90-91) "This is to certify that His Britannic Majesty’s Packet Duke of Montrose was this day captured by the U. States Frigate President under my command and that her Commander Mr Aaron Gloub Blewett did everything that was possible to make his escape consequently no degree of blame whatever is attributable to him. (Signed) G. Rodgers Comm. U.S.F. President at Sea" June 10th 1813.

Full cover with temporary rubber datestamp 7 SEP 1932, b/stamped Belize 8 SP 32

AFTERMATH OF BELIZE G.P.O. FIRE (MY 30 1909), British Honduras postal history
1909 printed advertising cover to St. Louis, Missouri with KE7 5c x 2 pmk'd temporarily supplied BELIZE NEW RIVER SERVICE E/JU 18 09, alongside newly supplied registration etiquette No.217 (current ERD of use JU 14 09).

AFTERMATH OF BELIZE G.P.O. FIRE, British Honduras postal history
The Post Office was without handstamps and registration labels after the fire of 30 May 1909. This “used elsewhere” cover with printed United Fruit Company, Puerto Barrios, Guatemala is addressed Las Cascades, Canal Zone, Republic Panama and has temporary supplied use of the BELIZE NEW RIVER SERVICE cds dated E/JU 11 09 tying KE7 1c x 6, 2c x 2 (10c rate) with manuscript “R 143” (a new boxed registration etiquette known 3 days later (JU 14 09, Dr. Matheson ERD).

WRECK of the "ROBERT" at Egg Island, Bahamas FE 2 1817, journey continued by "Lord Eldon"
A newly discovered wreck entire written "Nassau 11 Dec 1816" marked "Robert" changed "Lord Eldon" to Glasgow landed with PORTSMOUTH/SHIP LETTER rated 1/4 and 1/6 with poor boxed Scottish wheel tax "½", two chisel slits, rarely found on Private Ship Letters from the BWI, struck from reverse (about 1½ inches or 1 6/16th inches or 17mm) with 13 FE 13 1817 b/stamp, Glasgow 16 FEB receiver above address panel.
Robert entered Lloyd's Register in 1815 as an American prize. Until 1822 the brig was a West Indiaman based in Liverpool and sailing to the Bahamas or Havana. On 2 February 1817 Lloyd's List reported that Robert, Wilkes, master, had been sailing from New Providence to Liverpool when she struck a reef off Egg Island, Bahamas, and had to put back for repairs.

BAHAMAS postal history (Ex LUDINGTON)
1884 printed Royal Victoria Hotel, Nassau cover to New Haven, New York with Chalon QV 4d rose P.12 (SG.41) tied "B" obliterator showing framed SHIP landed Norfolk, Virginia with handstruck DUE appended 4 (2c ship + 2c delivery to New York), reverse clear strikes A/BAHAMAS/JA 29 84, New York Transit FEB 5 84, New Haven N.Y. FEB 6 1884, an interesting 6 full sides letter on 3 illustrated hotel pages included, top folds partially severed on opening. Ex LUDINGTON.

MAIL FROM THE PROLIFIC FORGER Raoul De Thuin, British Honduras postal history
1939 reg. printed address cover with previously unseen Belize's French Stores, DE THUIN, PAZ & Co., P.O. Box 206, Belize sender address to Monsieur T. Allen, 5 Blake Hall Road, Wanstead, London E11 re-directed Frinton-on-Sea with KGV 10c pmk'd 2 FE 39 being just one of numerous printed address aliases used by the prolific stamp forger Raoul de Thuin to circumvent the spotting by the U.S. Post Office of his fraudulent activities to particular persons or firms (full details in BWISC Journal under article headed Around The Caribbean 7). Further research shows that the cover is addressed to the famous Tommy Allen, who did live at both Wanstead and Frinton-on-Sea. ALLEN, Thomas 1895-1984. Originally dealer in British Colonial rarities, who with Charles Nissen purchased, in 1936, the Perkins Bacon stock and records; most of the records were afterwards acquired by RPSL. Council Member RPSL. Curator of its forgery collection, 1954-67. Member of Expert Committee, for whom he reorganised their vast quantity of reference photographs. A philatelist of wide experience, he was a member of the Executive Committee for the London International Exhibition 1960, and served on the jury at FIPEX, New York 1956.
De Thuin (born Belgium 1890, died Guayaguil Ecuador 1975) started his philatelic “work” as early as 1916 leading to a shop in Brussels in 1927. He entered Mexico in 1931 on the run from French and Belgian police who wanted him for forgery. He was expelled from Mexico for setting up a forgery ring and moved to Tegucigalpa, Honduras where he was jailed and expelled in 1936, and then lived in Belize until moving back to Mexico in 1941 where he settled until 1968 when he moved to his wife’s home in Guayaguil. He specialised in forging overprints of Central and South American countries, especially Mexico, turning common stamps into rarities. “The Yucatan Affair” published by The American Philatelic Society illustrates his fabrications on much of the 523 pages. He is quoted as saying that “I have no conscience at all at having deceived all those foolish people. They are just fanatics who neglect their families for their passion.”

"Lumber Camp" War Mail to the BRITISH HONDURAS Forestry Unit (BHFU) in Scotland
1942 reg. cover to Felipe Elijio Calderon, #686 Don's Camp, Brewichshire, Scotland with KG6 10c, 25c tied purple STANN CREEK M.O.B. temporary rubber datestamp dated 27 JAN 1942 with fine reg. etiquette, reverse Belize 28 JA and DUNS, BERWICKSHIRE 10 MR 42 arrival.

FIRST DAY with PREPAYMENT U.S. 3c green SUPPLIED NASSAU arrangement, Bahamas postal history
1878 cover to Boston, Massachusetts with QV Chalon 4d rose P.14 (torn through on opening) pmk'd "A05" in combination with U.S. Washington 3c green tied New York JAN 12 79 "2" duplex, reverse BAHAMAS DE 31 1878 despatch dbl-arc and Boston, Mass, Carrier JAN 13 arrival plus pencil address of sender staying at the Royal Victoria Hotel, Nassau.
As of JA 1 1879 and until Bahamas joined the UPU JY 1 1880 USA 3c green adhesives could be bought in Nassau by those who wished to prepay the USA internal postage on letters thus avoiding Postage Due on arrival. Only three other covers are currently recorded with prepaid Washington 3c green for MR xx 1879, MR 19 1879, DE 1 1879. A further seven covers are recorded with U.S. 3c brown Postage Dues added on arrival for SP 20 1879, JA 5 1880, FE 10 1880, MR 8 1880, MR 16 1880, MY 20 1880, JU 18 1880.

BAHAMAS postal history
1893 reg. cover to Geo. F. Jackson, Kings Norton, Birmingham with QV £1.00 Venetian red (SG.57) pmk'd "A05" showing red REGISTERED, NASSAU dated A/15 DE 93 and London reg. oval dated I/31 DE 93 alongside address panel, b/stamped reg. Birmingham oval A/JA 1 94 clear of missing flap.

MIXED CURRENCY, British Honduras postal history (Ex ADDISS, FREELAND)
1888 use of QV 1½d Post Card with added bisected "2 CENTS" on QV 6d rose P.14 (SG.25) pmk'd "O" obliterator with BELIZE JA 17 88 despatch to Vienna showing Mariahilf, Wien 6 2 88 arrival. Ex ADDISS, FREELAND.
One of only three mixed currency recorded. As of 1st January 1888 CURRENCY CHANGED FROM STERLING TO DOLLARS and CENTS (Guatemalan as its standard). BRH went decimalised on the gold standard equal to U.S. dollars, but the USA told them to get lost, and BRH had to decimalise off the Guatemalan quetzel. The $1.00 US was equal 4/2d (ie 100 ½d) but the Quetzel was 3/11½d (ie 95 ½d) therefore running at 5% less (eventually allowed to align with gold standard in 1895 at US $1 = 100 ½d).

1879 cover to The Hon. T.W.H. Dillet, Belize, Honduras with QV Chalon 4d rose tied "A05" showing JAMAICA/TRANSIT, Kingston I C/JA 22 79 and Belize FE 9 79 arrival, reverse b/stamped Bahamas JA 4 1879/B dbl-arc.

MASKALL BANK, British Honduras postmark on cover to Republic of Honduras
1929 opened-out reg. cover to La Ceiba, Republic Honduras from Peter Melnikov, Northern River with KGV 10c pmk'd at Belize 5 OC 29, wide display of transit cancels with handstruck mauve REBUT and AUSENTE finishing return journey with MASKALL BANK temporary rubber datestamp dated MAR 19 1930 (TDC-17, D2). A rare commercial cover.

MASKALL BANK, British Honduras postmark/cancel
1929 cover to Scotland with strip of six KGV 1c tied MASKALL BANK temporary rubber datestamps dated FEB 6 1929 (TDC-17, D2), right stamp with corner fault.

BAHAMAS postal history
1863 advertising cover for Trask & Zuberbier BUTTER, CHEESE & LARD to Monroe, Orange County, New York with pair QV Chalon 4d bright rose (SG.26) pmk'd "A05" and b/stamped BAHAMAS JU 6 1863/B dbl-arc.

Unique SMUGGLED Polignac, St. Vincent postal history
1861 entire without the customary "Per RMS Steamer" or despatch cds headed "St. Vincent 9th December 1861" to The Duke de Polignac, Paris with 2 x GB QV 6d lilac pmk'd "8" in diamond obliterator (triple 4d rate) and with upper flap showing London JA 2 1862 transit and Paris 3 JANV 62 arrival. The only Polignac as such.
Contents mention Calder and Argyle estates.

1861 cover to Mayfair, London with GB 6d pmk'd "A25" duplex dated A/MALTA/MY 17 61 showing London A 6/MY 22 61 arrival and forwarded to Wyck, Alton, Hampshire with GB QV 1d red pmk'd London W 11 duplex dated X/MY 23 61, b/stamped Alton MY 24 61 arrival. Ex Jakob von UEXKULL.
Such GB combination covers are seldom found and extremely rare, and do not exist for most countries and agencies that were supplied with GB stamps.

1890 cover to James S. Webster, Bodden Town, Grand Caymans c/o W.H.B. Hitchins, 2 Lower George Lane, Kingston endorsed Schr Electra with Jamaica QV 1d Keyplate pmk'd SHOOTERS HILL A/NO 14 90 and backstamped Kingston 3 D/NO 15 90 squared circle. Peripheral faults but exceptional for showing both forwarding agent for Cayman Islands mail and named mail boat.

REGISTERED PRINTED MATTER, British Honduras postal history
1891 home-made and still sealed wrapper using large part of a printed Deed dated Belize 15th March 1889 opened at both ends so as to enclose a printed pamphlet or newspaper showing small portion removed at left where the enclosure was probably "tied" addressed to Dresden, Germany with 3 x "3 CENTS" on QV 3d tied "O" obliterators without despatch datestamp being contrary to regulations, endorsed 'Printed Matter Registered' with REGISTERED LONDON 10 MY 91 oval and DRESDEN 19 5 91 arrival b/stamp. Exceptionally rare as such.
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