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Wanted: Cover dated OC 25 1867 from Barbados to England. Please send scan, or advise selling price. Thank you.

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1863 treble rate local cover with exceptionally rare QV 10c red bisected diagonally in se-tenant pair with whole stamp (SG.17) tied by mute grids on orange envelope to Richibucto, flap torn on opening, backstamped weak red KINGSTON and clearer black SHEDIAC both dated JY 20 1863. Ex DALE LICHTENSTEIN (Nov/1868) and CARTIER (Sept/1977 realised 1300). The 10c red bisected on its own (SG.17a, Cat.600 on cover) paying the 5c local rate is commonly found. The 10c alongside a separate 10c bisect on cover is exceptional (one noted dated DE 1860 paying 5c local rate plus 10c registration from Salisbury to Lower Coverdale SG Auction May/1979 realised 1300). Argenti only recorded three examples of the se-tenant 10c pair, one bisected on entire. The two other dated covers being FE 14 1861 from W.O. Albert Mines to Hampton paying 5c local, 10c registration (Dale Lichtenstein May/1969 R$525, Sothebys Sept/1984 E800) and a second triple local rate dated MR 30 1865 from St. John to Kingston, Richibucto marked "with note enclosure" no doubt accounting for the extra weight (ex Argenti, Groom, Chester Beatty).
Argenti only recorded three examples of this 15c make-up, two being treble local rate (for letters weighing 1 oz. but not exceeding 1 oz.), and one paying 5c local rate plus 10c registration

1810 neatly written entire headed "Liverpool 5th December 1810" from Redish Bird & Eden to Capt. Thomas Walters, Road Town, Tortola marked "p. Pacqt Via Plymouth Pd One Enclosure" and rated red "P 4/2" (double weight) and "1 bit" local delivery charge, reverse weak LIVERPOOL/206 OC 6 1810 and manuscript "Tortola Rec'd 24th Feby 1811" by recipient. PROBABLY UNIQUE and an EXCEPTIONAL DEVON (or Cornwall) EXHIBITION ITEM.
As a consequence of the OC 24 1810 Mutiny at Falmouth, Cornwall (see Britnor P.93, Robertson E.86) the Falmouth packets were transferred to the Hamoaze at Plymouth, Devon on NO 6 1810 where a temporary office was set up by Post Office Agent Saverland and staff at the Fountain Inn until the packets at Plymouth were transferred back FE 4 1811 arriving Falmouth FE 15 1811

CEYLON postal history
1869 OFFICERS CONCESSION RATE OF 10d cover (1 of 2 known) endorsed "Chichester/Cap. A.D.C." at lower left to his daughter Amy in Cleobury-Mortimer RE-DIRECTED THREE TIMES on arrival with Ceylon QV 10d orange pmk'd black "B" showing red TRICOMALEE PAID AU 18 69 cds alongside and b/stamped red COLOMBO PAID A/AU 21 69. On arrival b/stamped LONDON N7/SP 20 69 and LONDON X10/SP 20 69 with re-direction to a Square in London S.W with circled "1d" due handstamp; further re-direction to Army Agents Cox & Co, Craig Street with free re-direction within London crowned "R" applied plus CHARING CROSS W.C. A6/SP 20 69 cds, finally re-posted with GB QV 1d red Plate 108 pmk'd BEWDLEY SP 21 69 duplex to Tiverton, Devon. Flap removed plus minor faults.
Officers did not mark their mail for the privilege postage rate of 6d per oz (plus any Foreign Rate) unless there was a savings. There was no advantage on U.K. mail when rates were 6d via Southampton and 10d via Marseilles, but increases to 9d and 1/1d respectively on FE 1 1868 allowed a savings of 3d (as seen on the above cover). The concessionary rate was withdrawn DE 31 1869 so savings were only possible over a 23 month period.

CEYLON postal history
TWO COVERS TRAVELLING ON THE SAME DATE VIA MARSEILLES to ENGLAND, the first with exceptionally rare (1 of only 2 known) OFFICERS CONCESSION RATE of 10d endorsed "Chichester/Cap. A.D.C." to his daughter in London pmk'd COLOMBO B/JY 3 69 backstamped London AU 2 69, the second with standard 1/1d rate to Axminster, Devon pmk'd COLOMBO B/JY 2 69 backstamped Axminster A/AU 3 69, both with missing flaps. An exceptional pairing.
Officers did not mark their mail for the privilege postage rate of 6d per oz (plus any Foreign Rate) unless there was a savings. There was no advantage on U.K. mail when rates were 6d via Southampton and 10d via Marseilles, but increases to 9d and 1/1d respectively on FE 1 1868 allowed a savings of 3d (as seen on the above cover). The concessionary rate was withdrawn DE 31 1869 so savings were only possible over a 23 month period.

The "42" Kolkata cover from Prince Alfred, Royal Visit to Ceylon 1870, a unique exhibition item
1870 cover with spectacular four colour Royal Coat-of-Arms printed flap posted by Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh (second son of Queen Victoria born 6 August 1844 and first member of the British Royal family to visit Ceylon) to his eminent friend Dr. Joseph Fayrer C.S.S., 42 Chowringhe Road, Calcutta with QV 1/- reddish lilac tied COLOMBO AP 18 70 duplex paying the double short-lived (1868-1870) 6d rate to India, reverse Galle transit and Calcutta STEAMER LETTER AP 27 70 arrival. (Ceylon was ceded to the British Empire in 1815 and when the Prince arrived March 30 1870 thousands of chiefs, headsman and ordinary people flocked to Colombo. On the day after arrival a grand reception was hosted by Governor Sir Hercules Robinson, and thereafter the Prince made excursions to elephant kraals with gatherings of 10,000 people or more, went elk hunting, elephant shooting, and was lavishly dined throughout, even with gold plates and gold cutlery encrusted with rubies, emeralds and pearls. Prince Alfred, Honorary President 1890-1900 of what is now the Royal Philatelic Society, was the first serious stamp collector in the royal family and it is thought that he encouraged his nephew, later KGV, to collect stamps. Prince Alfred sold his collection to his brother King Edward VII, who shared his enthusiasm, who in turn gave it to his son King George V, and keenly expanded by the latter the two collections became the basis of what is now the Royal Philatelic collection).
Sir Joseph Fayrer (1824-1907) was an English physician noted for his writings on medicine and particularly the treatment of venomous Indian snakebites. In 1847 he was appointed medical officer on H.M.S. Victory and in 1869 accompanied Prince Alfred, as his physician, on his grand tour of India. In 1901 he was appointed Physician Extraordinary to King Edward VII. Eastern India's tallest project, The "42", an iconic 62 storey tower with luxury apartments is planned for 42B Chowringhee Road

BERMUDA postal history
1884 cover marked "per Orinoco" to Roxbury, Massachusetts with QV d stone, QV 2d bright blue CC wmk (SG.19,4) tied K3a "5" duplex used Paget East.

ST. VINCENT stamps
EXCEPTIONALLY POWERFUL EXAMPLE OF THE DOUBLE SURCHARGE on 1893-94 QV FIVE PENCE on 6d deep lake (SG.60ac, Cat.4,000), very fine appearance used showing part KINGSTOWN cds and "AP" month slug, small lower left corner marginal coloured marks will determine sheet position, reverse with thinned top perfs. 1975 RPS Certificate. Ex JAFFE

BERMUDA postal history
1871 Officer's envelope at the regular rate "via Halifax" to J.A. Pickworth, 8th Hussars, Island Bridge Barracks, Dublin, Ireland with 1865 QV 1/- green P.14 CC wmk (SG.8) tied CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS by HAMILTON A/MY 3 71 (H1) cds instead of the K1 "2" obliterator, flap with superb printed crest of the 53th Shropshire Regiment in Bermuda 1871 to 1874. Carried by "Alpha" 7 May to Halifax, and by "City of Limerick" from Halifax to Queenstown arriving 31 May. Exceptional quality making it one of Bermuda's finest single stamp covers. Ex LUDINGTON. (The Privilege postage rate for Naval Officers (introduced JU 1 1857) and extended to Army Officers (as of JA 1 1858) was withdrawn 31 December 1869 making it no longer necessary for such personnel to identify their mail to indicate eligibility).
Geoff Osborn's JU 28 70 cover with 1d tied CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS by "STG" cds (H1) instead of the "B/1" killer fetched 2400 plus 360 buyers premium against an estimate of 300 (Sale date March 8 2012, lot 2209)

ST. CHRISTOPHER postal history
1876 cover to Mrs. Drinkwater, St. John's, Antigua with QV 6d green CC wmk P.14 (SG.9) pmk'd "APMY" obliterator with ST. KITTS SP 2 76 despatch cds rated red "4", reverse part of printed flap missing clear of printed sender initials and B/ANTIGUA/SP 5 76 arrival.

1930 1d black/blue unused vertical pair (SG.D1h, Cat.2,000), top stamp showing numbers 6536 and 6537, lower stamp showing number 6537.
Two different numbers on same stamp "few and far between" per Hap Pattiz. Partly erased with corrected number, and partially showing second number on same stamp much commoner.

MUSTIQUE ISLAND stamps: The currently only known 10c blue MUSTIQUE COMPANY LIMITED mint sheetlet
Produced circa 1971 in fresh unmounted mint condition, small surface abrasion lower right edge.
550 blue labels were printed and an estimated 525 blue labels used up on the inaugural flight covers which terminated the private conveyance service. Only an estimated 25 labels (or 12 sheetlets) remain unaccounted for. No earlier service 10c blue labels are known on cover. One 10c blue label is illustrated in Nicholas Courtney's book (available internet) alongside later cover which importantly shows the handwriting style of Colin Tennant matching the unique proving cover of the earlier service

MUSTIQUE ISLAND stamps: The currently only known 10c orange MUSTIQUE COMPANY LIMITED mint sheetlet
Produced circa 1971 in fresh unmounted mint condition accompanied by 10c orange label on inaugural first flight cover dated 1 SEP 1971 which terminated the private conveyance service. This is the only known 10c orange mint sheetlet.
2,000 orange labels were printed. 1,931 orange labels used up on inaugural flight covers, 69 labels (or 34 sheetlets) remain unaccounted for. No earlier service 10c orange labels known on cover. Accompanied by scan of BWISC Bulletin article featuring discovery of sheet format for these labels.

PRIVATE SHIP LETTER 4d RATE, Bermuda postal history
1884 cover with strip of four QV 1d dull rose (SG.22) tied ST. GEORGES "2" numeral duplex dated A/JA 15 84 to St. John's Wood, London showing red LIVERPOOL/A/JA 29 84/SHIP arrival cds, reverse blue HAMILTON B/JA 15 84 and London JA 30 84 cds.
The "Nubian", in transit from Virginia, on an experimental new service for the Union Line, was announced in the local newspaper as calling at Hamilton on 10th January 1884. The ship arrived five days late and sender added this cover to the mailbag (having already written to same addressee with St. Georges B/JA 10 84 on 4 x QV 1d franking cover marked per "Nubian"). Only two covers are known - one dated JA 10 84 (expected arrival) and JA 15 84 (actual arrival)

PRINCESS MARGARET'S HOUSE, MUSTIQUE, a unique hand-written letter
Death of its designer Oliver Messel: A rare letter hand-written by HRH Princess Margaret expressing sadness on hearing of the death of Oliver Messel who was commissioned by the Hon. Colin Tennant to design her house, Les Jolies Eaux, on Mustique written July 21 1978, she lovingly writes "I luckily have a living monument to him in the shape of my house in Mustique which he designed"

INTRODUCING THE LADY ANNE COVER, the greatest and most significant item of MUSTIQUE postal history
It was always assumed that the four Mustique Company labels were solely produced for the SP 1 1971 Government run inaugural First Flight covers between Mustique Post Office and mainland, St. Vincent, but this UNIQUE PROVING COVER shows that a Government approved PRIVATELY OPERATED LOCAL CARRIAGE SERVICE existed (by-passing the Mustique post office, and perhaps for only a few months) which REMAINED UNDISCOVERED for nearly 45 YEARS - 1971 commercial cover hand addressed by Colin Tennant to Lady Anne Tennant with MUSTIQUE COMPANY LTD 10c MAUVE label tied by their 10 JUN 1971 company handstamp for air carriage of 18 miles to mainland, and St. Vincent 50c Bird postmarked the next day KINGSTOWN */11 JU 71 to the family home at Tite Street, London. Arrival confirmed by automatic letter sorting machine luminescent dots applied at the London Eastern Central District Office as seen lower right of cover. No early ORANGE, YELLOW, or BLUE labels are known on cover. LADY ANNE TENNANT (formerly Lady Anne Coke), wife of Lord Glenconnor, Colin Tennant, owner of Mustique, was a Maid of Honour to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Her Coronation and is best seen holding the Queen's gown during the procession down the aisle at Westminster Abbey. Lady Anne was also Lady-In-Waiting to H.R.H. Princess Margaret. (Accompanied by early example of the SP 1 71 10c mauve on First Flight cover typewritten addressed to the Hon. Colin Tennant, most of the 64 produced mauve label covers have printed label addressing).
This is the ONLY KNOWN COVER leaving just 5 labels unaccounted for as only 70 of the 10c mauve label were printed for exclusive use by the owners of Mustique - the remaining 64 labels known to have been used up on the later First Day Covers for the SP 1 1971 inaugural flight Mustique to St. Vincent. The normal Mustique Post Office was fully operational since 1958 but the company service offered a more flexible air connection to the mainland. The labels were printed in units of two.

THE SEARCH FOR EXPLORERS BURKE and WILLS, South Australia postal and social history
1862 cover to Mr. Edward Palmer, McKinlays Exploring Expedition, Adelaide G.P. Office with pair QV 1d (one defective corner) pmk'd PORT-AUGUSTA OC 6 62 with handstruck "UNCLAIMED", reverse GPO OC 8 1862/7 datestamp. Filing crease crosses adhesives as the unclaimed letter was placed in the accompanying "Returned Paid Letter" back to Mr. H. Mildred, Port Augusta. In 1859 the South Australian Government offered 2,000 for the first successful south-north crossing of the continent west of the 143rd line of longitude. In 1860-61 Robert O'Hara Burke and Willian John Wills led an ill-fated expedition of 19 men with the intention of crossing from Melbourne (south) to the Gulf of Carpentaria (north), approx. 2,000 miles. At that time most of the continent had not been explored by non-indigenous people. The south-north crossing was successful but both of the expedition leaders died on the return journey. Only one man, John King, made the eventual return to Melbourne. Six expeditions were sent to search for Burke and Wills. One left August 1861, under McKinlay, and found the remains of Charles Gray, one of the expedition, and a partially empty grave in the Cooper Creek area. McKinley sent part of his group back to report only to find that another expedition under Howitt, which had left June 1861, had already found the graves of both Burke and Wills in that same area. In December McKinley visited the sites of the graves and then went on to explore the lakes region around Lake Moolionburinna. In February he left the Cooper region following Burke and Wills track to the Eyre Creek and the Gulf before turning east to a station on the Bowen River near Port Denison in Queensland, and the party returned by sea to Adelaide.
Edward Palmer was the bullock driver with the McKinley led "South Australian Burke Relief Expedition".

1856 entire to Geneva, Switzerland with large margined 6d Diadem tied both Sydney barred oval and Calais transit with framed "INSUFFICIENTLY/ STAMPED", handstuck "1d and handstruck "6d" in black with red framed "COLONIES/ART 18" and red crayon "1 30", reverse with Sydney FE 20 1856 despatch and Liverpool, London and Geneva transits. Ex DAVIS

First types HLABISA and LOWER UMFOLOSI, Zululand postal history
1895 exceptionally rare and perhaps unique side-by-side combination purple Resident Magistrate's Office (R.M. OFFICE) cds for HLABISA 16 NOV 1895 and LOWER UMFOLOSI NOV 19 1895 on GB ovp'd 1d Post Card written by Edith Turnbull at "Bush View 15th Nov. 1895" to Cockington, Torquay with ESHOWE and DURBAN transits. Exhibition item.

BRITISH HONDURAS postal history
1878 cover front with Germany 10pf red, 20pf ultramarine strip of four and single confirmed by red crayon "1 10" pmk'd HAMBURG 14/12 77 cds to Wm. Guild & Co., Belize showing blue sender's cachet, red London Paid 17 DE 77 transit, BELIZE JA 9 78 arrival. Exceptionally attractive.

1859 cover with GB QV 1d, 6d pmkd A03 dated DEMERARA A/MR 11 1859 to Dieppe, France showing London AP 5, AMB Calais, Le Havre A Paris, and Paris 6 AVRIL transits. Flap removed by recipient to show his hand-written notes re content.
Only one other GB QV 1d, 6d combination is recorded dated JA 23 1860 ex Paramaribo via Demerara to Dunkerque
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