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EKUTULENI, Natal postal history
Previously unrecorded d/ring with maltese cross at base dated 21 FEB 13 on Natal KE7 1d UPU Post Card with same day MELMOTH, ZULULAND transit to Klefoa, Sweden, full text.
Head Office MELMOTH, previously named SITEKU (office opened 1910), renamed EKUTULENI (OC 1 1911).

By LAND ROUTE inter-colonial rate to Melbourne, Victoria, Queensland postal history
1878 cover to Germain Nicholson, Melbourne with QV 2d Chalon tied "QL" with BRISBANE 4/JU 12 78 despatch alongside, reverse Melbourne JN 17 78 arrival.

BARBADOS to Pernambuco, BRAZIL postal history
1885 cover to Messrs. Pohlman and Co., Pernambuco, Brazil with QV 1d tied Barbados open bootheel duplex dated A/MR 29 85, lower flap can display PERNAMBUCO 22 ABR 85 arrival. A rare QV period destination.

ST. VINCENT postal history
circa 1880 'ON HER MAJESTY'S SERVICE.' (seriffed capitals, 41mm underlining bar) postal stationary envelope (137 x 79mm) unused with large attractive raised white on orange-red embossed seal of colony flap, right flap showing embossed 'WILLIAM BROWN & Co., MAKERS, LONDON'. Flap largely detached (strengthened by hinges) with smaller faults but few believed to exist.
Note: this is a differing size underlining bar to the one illustrated by Vincent Duggleby in the December 1991 BWISC Bulletin No.151 which shows the bar starting under the 'R' of 'HER' and ending under 'SE' of 'SERVICE.'

SYDNEY, Nova Scotia, Canada postal history
1899 cover to Lancaster, Massachusetts with QV 1c pmk'd SYDNEY N.S. cds dated MY 22 99 with two line "INSUFFICIENTLY/PREPAID" and U.S, 2c brown POSTAGE DUE affixed.

ST. GEORGE'S CAY, Belize postal history
1989 use of QE2 10c conch shell Post Card pmk'd BELIZE CITY 25 AU 89 with pair 10c Gibnut tied blue ink ST. GEORGE'S CAY AUG 21 1989 d/ring.

REGISTERED SURFACE MAIL from SANDY BAY, St. Vincent postal history
1970 mixed franking "Butler" cover to Toronto, Canada with a 23c rate paying the registered surface mail pmk'd SANDY BAY */15 AP 70 with chunky "R" in oval village reg. handstamp alongside the address panel.
Sandy Bay at the northernmost tip of the island is the only village comprised mainly of the surviving indigenous Carib people.

ST. VINCENT used GIBRALTAR postal history
1889 use of the St. Vincent QV 1d UPU Post Card ovp'd "GIBRALTAR" headed "Government House August 12 1889" to Munich, Germany with design pmk'd "A26" duplex dated B/AU 14 89.
Sterling issues ovp'd in CENTIMOS were introduced 1st August 1889. This duplex not listed in the Parmenter/Gordon handbook as handbook only covers cancellations used on GB stamps up to the end of 1885 when the use of GB stamps in Gibraltar officially ceased. The earliest strikes of this duplex are currently thought to be MY 6 1886 and MY 24 1886.

MALTA to ITALY chisel slit due cholera outbreak
1883 cover to Reggio de Calabria (Southern Italy) with two pair plus single Great Britain QV d pale green (SG.Z90) tied Malta "A25" duplex dated B/DE 6 83 showing single chisel slit on address panel, reverse 8 12 80 arrival, cover opened at both base and right edges.
Chisel slits were applied due to a cholera outbreak in Southern Italy. Covers with such chisel slits have been noted on Malta outgoing entires for JY 4, JY 8, JY 29, AU 5, AU 12, NO 24, DE 6 1883.

STEWART TOWN via DRY HARBOUR to FALMOUTH, Jamaica postal history
1884 use of QV 1d blue Post Card pmk'd STEWART TOWN A/JY 29 84 locally to Samuel Delisser at Falmouth showing DRY HARBOUR cds and FALMOUTH sqc both dated JY 30 84, some faults.

JAMAICA postal history
1863 cover marked per "Str. Saladin" to Detroit, Michigan with pale colour QV 4d brown-orange Pine wmk (SG.4) pmk'd Kingston "A01" and STEAMPSHIP 10 applied at New York, backstamped C/DE 1 63.
Reverse pencil marked "Ex Turner 2/19/49 DR".

ABOKOBI postmark/cancel, Gold Coast postal history
(T.5) in red ink on cover to Wurttemberg, Germany with QV 2d tied red ABOKOBI dated sideways down C/MY 3 94, some staining.

CANTERBURY MONTEGO BAY skeleton postmark, Jamaica postal history
(D1) dated */28 JA 58 tying QE2 1d on local cover to Mandeville.

BORADA skeleton postmark, Gold Coast postal history
(T.12c, D2) dated 5 JU 45 tying KG6 4d to Milwaukee Junction, Oregon with P.C.90 OPENED BY EXAMINER 00/535 label, sent from the Seventh-Day-Adventist Mission, Kute - Borado & Hohoe, Trans-Volta.

Dropped "O" in "ONE" variety, DOMINICA postal history
1917 cover with "Estate of Jno J. Tavernier, Wholesale & Retail Provisions Dealer" sender's address marked "per S.S. Chignecto" to Wholesale Fish Merchants, Jones Wharf, Halifax, Nova Scotia with "ONE HALFPENNY" (dropped "0" variety) WAR TAX, 1d View pmk'd Roseau JA 1 17, no backstamps.

Aftermath wreck of Rennie steamer "Waldensian", Natal postal history
1866 piece with QV 6d Chalon pmk'd Pietermaritzburg JAN xx 1863, taken by the "L'Imperatice Eugenie" from Durban on JA 11 1863 as far as Port Elizabeth, the mails then taken overland to Cape Town, showing the PAID/DEVONPORT/CAPE PACKET/28 FE 63 arrival and portion red crayon "4".
The Waldensian" sailing from Durban was wrecked en route to Cape Town on 13 October 1862, the saved mail taken overland from Somerset West to Cape Town.

Great Britain (Hereford College flap) to CAPE OF GOOD HOPE postal history:
1875 cover, with enclosed letter, to Miss Helen Ayliffe, Grahamstown with pair GB QV 6d Plate 14 tied Manchester "498" duplex dated FE 4 1875 showing CAPE TOWN MR 5 75 transit, reverse with Grahams Town MR 9 75 arrival, fine intact printed blue HEREFORD COLLEGE flap.

Great Britain to CAPE OF GOOD HOPE postal history:
1875 covers, both with enclosed letter, to Miss Helen Ayliffe, Grahamstown marked "per R.M.S. via Plymouth NOV 25 1875" and "DE 5 1875" each with GB QV 1/- Plate 12 tied Manchester "498" duplex dated NO 25 1875 and DE 5 75 and both showing CAPE TOWN N/JA 1 76 transit, reverse of each with Grahams Town JA 5 76 arrival.
The former was posted too late for the sailing specified and has small red handstruck circled cross on the address panel.

Great Britain to CAPE OF GOOD HOPE postal history:
1875 cover, with enclosed letter, to Miss Helen Ayliffe, Grahamstown with GB QV 1/- Plate 12 tied Manchester "498" duplex dated DE 25 1875 showing CAPE TOWN D/JA 29 76 transit, reverse with Grahams Town FE 2 76 arrival.
Carried by the "American" on her record breaking voyage to Cape Town.

Great Britain to CAPE OF GOOD HOPE postal history:
1876 cover, with enclosed letter, to Miss Helen Ayliffe, Grahamstown with pair GB QV 6d Plate 15 tied Manchester "498" duplex dated JU 24 1876 showing CAPE TOWN B/JY 22 76 transit, reverse with Grahams Town JY xx 76 arrival.
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