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BRITISH HONDURAS "His" and "Her" postal history
Economy re-use envelopes BOOM NO 1 54 (His) and CAYE CAULKER 9 JY 55 (Her).

BAHAMAS postal history
circa 1877 near complete contents large part entire with QV Chalon 1d scarlet P.14 (SG.34) defaced with manuscript initials from Joseph A Gilmour to Nassau,

c1921 commercial cover front from "Gov. Harbour, Eleuthera" to Huddersfield with KGV 1d tied rare blue boxed "Regain Health and Vigour. Take/Cruise in Your Motor Yacht to/ELEUTHERA, BAHAMAS./THE TOMATO GROWING ISLAND."
Proud handbook records as HS7 with single date of use for 15 May 1921.

COROZAL (English) + COROSAL (Spanish), British Honduras
1919 KGV 2c +3c PSRE with added KGV 3c to Chicago pmk'd COROSAL E/JU 4 19 with COROZEL reg. label.

PUNTA GORDA, stated to be from Mitchell Hedges (regarded by many as the real "Indiana Jones")
1926 cover to Sydenham, England with KGV 2c pair tied PUNTA GORDA AP 24 26, marked at base in ink "From Mitchell Hedges, the explorer", opening fault top right corner.
Michael Hedges (1882-1959) is best noted for having discovered what is termed "The Crystal Skull of Doom" at the Maya ruins of Lubaantun in 1927. In 2008 Paramount Pictures released the film "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull".

1948 reg. cover with Plate 1 block of four KG6 3d to Vienna with purple ink Austrian "V1" and 240 inspector handstamps pmk'd Nassau 21 JUN 48.

ORANGE WALK N.R., British Honduras
1921 full cover to Army Contractors, London pmk'd E/20 JY 21.

ORANGE WALK N.R., British Honduras
1912 full cover to London pmk'd E/AP 17 12.

ORANGE WALK, British Honduras
1938 full cover to Edinburgh pmk'd */NO 23 28 (error 28 for 38), b/stamped Belize 24 NO 38.

GUINEA GRASS, British Honduras
Large part cover (sender address excised) to Chicago with mauve ink GUINEA GRASS (TRD) dated JUL 15 1919.

RIVERSDALE, British Honduras
Full cover with sender address to Alabama with purple RIVERSDALE (TRD, soiled in the critical area) dated MAY 22 1918.

RIVERSDALE, British Honduras
Large part cover (sender address excised) to Chicago with purple RIVERSDALE (TRD) dated DEC 31 1919.

SEINE BIGHT, British Honduras
Full cover with weak ink bluish-black (TRD) dated FEB 4 1939 to Bognor Regis, Sussex, b/stamped Belize FE 6 39, (Proud illustrated).

Hotel Royal Victoria cover to New York with QV 2d tied Nassau C/DE 12 99, some soiling.

BARBADOS postal history
1793 clean entire headed "Barbados June 3rd 1793" addressed Lady F. Fitzgerald, London carried privately "p. Capt. Bunan" and placed in the post with wavy BRISTOLL and rated "10", marked "negro stabbed".
Contents include "A most dreadful instance offered three days past at Turners Hall, a young fellow one of the very best slaves, unfortunately had two wives (which is very common). Both young women and 5 months advanced in pregnancy, the other giving sucker, and upon some dispute arising between the husband and the latter, she went immediately to the house of the one with child and with a knife gave her such a wound in the belly as brought fourth some of the intestines, and very narrowly escaped her life, a Surgeon was sent for, which cost 4 Moidans and now think the injured party in a good way to do well without losing the child".

ST. THOMAS, Danish West Indies to ST. LUCIA
1890 use of 3c pink UPU Post Card pmk'd ST. THOMAS 18 11 1890 to the Colonial Bank, St. Lucia with ST. LUCIA C/NO 21 90, some soiling.

QUEENSLAND postal history
1879 REGISTERED CLERMONT foolscap cover with QV Chalon 4d, 1/- tied "29" with CLERMONT DE 15 1879 to the Jewellers Asylum, South Hackney, London, b/stamped DE 17 and Adelaide DE 23 79 with two types red London registered oval 18 FE 80 on address panel, peripheral soiling.

1923 reg. cover with 2 x 3d Staircase pmk'd Nassau 17 MAY 23 to Paris, France.

Manuscript "Guinea Grass", British Honduras
1960 cover with QE2 1c, 4c each tied manuscript "Guinea Grass 8 a.m. June 29, 60 British Honduras" with GUINEA GRASS JU 29 60 d/ring cds alongside to Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

Manuscript "Guinea Grass", British Honduras
1960 full cover with 2 x QE2 2c each with manuscript "Guinea Grass Sept 28 1960" with ORANGE WALK 29 SP 60 cds alongside to Houston, Texas.
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