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ST. VINCENT request: scans of any dated village abbreviated cancels overstruck at Kingstown by HORIZONTAL red "A10" will be greatly appreciated

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CAPE-TOWN, Cape of Good Hope postal history
(SQC) dated JY 2 83 on 1d within city cover, middle top opening tear, JACOT & PRILLEVITZ printed sender's flap.

HOPE, Tobago postal history
15 AUG 64 on QE2 12c rate cover.

*/12 MY 37 on Coronation trio cover.

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent cover
*/21 JY 58 cover.

SILVERTON, Transvaal postal history
on reg. cover dated 25 IX 56.

LEEWARD ISLANDS postal history to Boot & Shoe Manufacturers, Queens Road, Bristol
1929 cover pmk'd G.P.O. Dominica */OC 2 29 to Bristol.

ORA, Cyprus postal history
(T.7) 27 OCT 65 on cover to England

STATE MINES, Transvaal postal history
2 III 59 on reg. South Africa 1/9d rate to UK.

CONCORD, Grenada postal history
*/DE 9 59 on no text Post Card with block of four QE2 1c to Edgbaston.

MAURITIUS postal history to Sans Souci, Montagne Blanche
with Italy 25c tied view side ppc, address side fine MONTAGNE BLANCHE C/10 SP 32 arrival.

POLIS, Cyprus postal history
cover dated 16 JU 73

cover, b/stamped Constant Spring OC 31 37, minor soiling.

1965 GRAND ANSE, Grenada arrival


MATTRU, Sierra Leone postal history
(112.03) */28 OC 58 on QE2 2d, 1/3d added QE2 4d PSRE, standard blue "MATTRU" printed reg. label.

HAENERTSBURG, Transvaal postal history
18 APR 05 on KE7 1d PSE to Pietersburg, reverse very fine sender's cachet.

*/9 MR 65 arrival on Trinidad QE2 8c rate cover, some glue marks.

GUAVA RIDGE, Jamaica postal history
purple TRD dated 16 MAR 1972 on 5c, 8c local cover, Kingston reg. label changed Guava Ridge.

*/DE 18 46 on plain card to USA, no reverse text.

MY 19 62 tying QE2 6d, 1/- added QE2 1d newswrapper.

NATAL postal history:
KE7 1d Post Card ovp'd "SPECIMEN", fine condition.
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