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ST. VINCENT request: scans of any dated village abbreviated cancels overstruck at Kingstown by HORIZONTAL red "A10" will be greatly appreciated

Country: Natal (POA) Clear
Subject: All

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POA.51, Natal postal history
on undated complete QV d newswrapper by German Mail Steamer to Durban, no backstamps.

NEW GERMANY and POA 51, Natal postal history
on KE7 d Reply Post Card portion pmk'd NO 13 06 to Pinetown.

POA.36, Natal postal history
1909 KE7 1d LETTER CARD written 21/1 09 pmk'd P.O.A.36 to Brook'S Store, Impendhle.

POA 9 written HILL TOP, Natal postal history
on QV 1d Post Card to Yorkshire, reverse GPO F/8 AP 98 transit.

POA 23 used P.O. LILIENTHAL, Natal postal history
tying KE7 1d on col. ppc of "A Native Homestead" to Germany re-addressed France showing Dalton and Pitermaritzburg AP 15 11 transits.

POA 44, Natal postal history
with text written Hermannsburg 12 Aug 96, b/stamped Greytown AU 13 96 d/ring, addresssed Muden.

POA 80, Natal postal history
tying pair QV d on cover to Wexford, Ireland, b/stamped Durban 2 JU 1900, both cover and adhesives toned.

POA 90, Natal postal history
chrome ppc headed "Winkle Spruit P.O. 31/8/05" mailed with KE7 d to Stanger.

POA 2 used 1902 (JY --) BOER WAR, Natal postal history
tying GB KE7 1d on cover to Cradock (B/JY 22 02 arrival) with Newcastle A/JY 19 1902 transit. Minor soiling.

POA 34, Natal postal history
as arrival on USA 2c rate Post Card to Stinton, Dundee with Dundee AU 21 08 arrival.

POA 75 used WARTBURG arrival, Natal postal history
on CGH QV d green Post Card from Cape Town 27 AP 98.

POA 51, Natal postal history
tying QV 2d on printed address cover to the Catholic Mission Kiboscho, bei Moschi am Kilima Ndscharo, German East Africa, reverse senders cachet and Pinetown FE 29 04 and Mombasa 13 MA 1904 cds.

POA 3 plus LADYSMITH skeleton, Natal postal history
transit cancel dated FE 20 1909 on QV 1d Post Card pmk'd P.O.A. 3 written P.O. Sunkelsdrift addressed Berlin, Germany.

POA 2, Natal postal history
on full cover, b/stamped Dundee AU 24 02 arrival, slight soiling, opened 2 sides.

POA 29, Natal postal history
on QV 1d rate cover to Esidumbini Mission Station, Upper Tongaat, b/stamped UMZINTO 30 8 92, Durbam M/AU 30 92, Tongaat 31 8 92, flap opening tear extends into face at top.

POA 44, Natal postal history
cover with pair KE7 d, b/stamped Dundee FE 15 10 and Durban FE 16 10.

POA 31, Natal postal history
in purple jointly tying clipped corner KE7 d with rare GREENVALE (MR) 19 06 d/ring on col. ppc of "Chalfont St. Giles" to Durban with same date transit and arrival cancels.

POA 36, Natal postal history to Woodbine Villa, Heaton
on QV d x 3, QV 1d cover to Mrs. J. Coltman L.D.S., Heaton, Newcastle, reverse m/script "E.S. Bicycle" on flap plus GPO 18 SP 97 despatch and C/OC 11 97 arrival, toning.

POA 44, Natal postal history
on full cover, b/stamped Greytown JU 5 00 cds and Pietermaritzburg 6 JU 1900 d/ring.

POA 91, Natal postal history
Government stationery albino embossed royal Coat-Of-Arms impressed on QV 1d rate undated newswrapper to Winchcombe, Glos.
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