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ST. VINCENT request: scans of any dated village abbreviated cancels overstruck at Kingstown by HORIZONTAL red "A10" will be greatly appreciated

Country: St. Christopher Clear
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ST. KITTS postal history
double-arc dated JA 27 1855 on 6d rated wrapper to Alnwick.
Examples of the 6d rate (introduced MR 23 1854) being scarce from St. Christopher

ST. CHRISTOPHER postal history
1884 thin paper stock cover to The Lord Bishop of Antigua, Ealing, London with QV 4d blue Crown CA (SG.17) boldly tied "A12" with ST. KITTS C/OC 25 84 despatch, peripheral faults and opened three sides.

ST. CHRISTOPHER postal history
1885 reg. cover front to Anerley, London with 8 x "Halfpenny" on bisected QV 1d carmine-rose (SG.23, Cat.42 each), pair QV 1d carmine-rose (SG.13) and FOUR PENCE on QV 6d green (SG.22, Cat.50 and very scarce on cover) each pmk'd "A12" with ST. KITTS C/AP 11 85 despatch cds alongside, creasing, some faults, and reverse hinge re-inforcement.

BARBADOS to ST. KITTS faked postal history
the bogus "Revenue" and "HALF PENNY" overprints on diagonally perforated genuine QV 1d carmine (SG.92) tied faked Barbados duplex A/JA 4 87 on cover to St. Christopher showing both red and black faked arrival cancels. Opened-out for display, a little fragile with small faults, only entire seen as such. BPA cert as faked cover.

ST. CHRISTOPHER postal history
Originally an exceptionally rare and wonderful unique franking to The Right Reverend Bishop Potter in New York which had six QV 1d magenta P.14 (SG.6) pmk'd worn use of the APMY killer plus ST. KITTS MR 30 78 despatch and New York APR 17 DUE 5c duplex on face with red crayon "4" showing sea post paid.
You can either enjoy a distressed cover with single 1d removed or perhaps improve by adding, by hinge, a suitable stamp of matching shade and postmark.