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ST. VINCENT request: scans of any dated village abbreviated cancels overstruck at Kingstown by HORIZONTAL red "A10" will be greatly appreciated

Country: Sierra Leone Clear
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CLINE TOWN, Sierra Leone postal history
(025.03) */1 JY 46 tying KG6 1/3d (SG.196a) on First Day Cover to Magnus J. Taylor, Police Sergeant No.36, Central Police Station, Freetown.

SIERRA LEONE postal history
1895 use of QV d Post Card marked per S.S. "Roquelle" to Hasselt, Belgium pmk'd "B31" with FREETOWN B/JY 13 95 plus handstruck "LATE", landed with red LIVERPOOL A/AU 5 95/SHIP cds (Private Ship as opposed to Liverpool Packet arrival) with HASSELT 7 AOUT 1895 arrival, lengthy reverse text in French.

KENEMA, Sierra Leone postal history
(072.07, long arcs) */12 NO 59 on QE2 6d PSRE with added QE2 6d, 1/- to Leicester, black KENEMA reg. handstamp.

SUMBUYA, Sierra Leone postal history
(147.01) rare code sideways up C/MR 11 11 (later than new Walton) on KE7 1d PSE pmk'd Freetown A/MR 7 11 to Deutsche Kamerun Gesellshaft, Sumbuyah.

KENT, Sierra Leone postal history
(073.02) C/AU 29 07 crisply doubled alongside KE7 1d (SG.87) pmk'd Freetown A/31 AU 07 on cover to Banbury, stamp with smaller faults.
This currently being the only recorded date of use for this instrument without base hyphen with "C" code

SIERRA LEONE postal history
1936 KGV 1d Post Card with added KGV d pmk'd Freetown NO 26 36 to Bienne, Switzerland, sender says that after travelling with the Wahehe his head is done in and attaches a photograph after the storm.

WATERLOO, Sierra Leone postal history
(156.01) dated B/JU 10 (95) (ERD) on QV 1d carmine UPU Post Card pmk'd indistinct "B31" overstruck Eccles C73 duplex addressed Manchester re-directed Bolton.

FALABA, Sierra Leone postal history
(033.01) dated C/JA 8 01 on face QV 2d PSRE with added QV 2d pmk'd REGISTERED oval A/JA 21 01 to the French Company, Freetown.

AR, Sierra Leone postal history
(716.02) alongside KG6 6d, 1/- tied REGISTERED G.P.O. oval dated 12 JU 42 on censored cover to Old Hill, England.

KENT, Sierra Leone postal history
(073.01) weak backstamp dated 21 May 5 (part manuscript) on KE7 1d PSE with added pair KE7 1d (SG.74/87) tied REGISTERED ovals dated */23 MY 05 to S. Renshaw, Acting Colonial Postmaster General, Freetown, opened out for display.

SIERRA LEONE postal history
1910 cover with WEST INDIA "2" REGT printed flap to Bexhill on Sea with KE7 1d (SG.100a) tied PLYMOUTH PAQUEBOT JAN2810A machine cancel, part address faded.

FREETOWN QUAY, Sierra Leone postal history
(035.81) */29 OC 54 on KG6 3d added QE2 4d red-brown PSRE to Leicester.

BO, Sierra Leone postal history
(016.01) */NO 6 09 alongside design KE7 1d PSE pmk'd Freetown A/9 NO 09 to R.C. Mission, Freetown.

LATE applied HANGHA, Sierra Leone postal history
alongside KG6 6d, 1/- pmk'd HANGHA 22 SP 52 on cover to Kilmarnock, boxed HANGHA reg. h/stamp, b/stamped GPO reg. oval 24 SP 52.

LATE applied FREETOWN, Sierra Leone postal history
alongside KG6 1/- added PSRE (flap cut away) pmk'd GPO 3 AU 48 to Wembley, Middlesex, blue FREETOWN 2 reg. label, toning.

LATE applied BAUYA, Sierra Leone postal history
alongside KG6 1/3d pmk'd BAUYA */27 SP 55 on cover to Huntley & Palmers, Reading, some soiling. Reverse sender's address c/o S.L. Rlwys Bauya.
Proud only recorded date of use

BOIA, Sierra Leone postal history
(011.01) A/AP 6 26 tying KGV 1d (SG.133) added KGV 3d PSRE to Huddersfield, boxed h/struck TRAVELLING P.O. reg. h/stamp No.246, some top left corner damage, opened 2 sides.

2d postage due handstamp, Sierra Leone postal history
struck alongside "T" tax handstamp on QE2 3d (SG.214) cover pmk'd 2 (AP?) 58 to Feltham, Middlesex.
Walton unrecorded, Proud records one example of use dated JA 15 24.

ROTIFUNK, Sierra Leone postal history
(138.05) */7 MR 60 on QE2 2d x 2, 6d, 1/- cover to Leicester, blue "Rotifunk" reg. label.

LUNGI, Sierra Leone postal history
(088.03) */23 JA 60 tying QE2 3d (SG.214) on stationery "No.16" cover locally to New England.
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