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Wanted: St. Vincent Philatelic Bureau printed announcement or UH cat page for 1975 Carnival issue, need printing quantities stamps & booklet. Thks

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BARBADOS postal history
1935 cover to the Ursaline Convent, Barbados with USA 20c Airmail pmk'd WALL ST. STA. dated FEB 1 1935, on arrival bluish 5-line instructional handstamp "YOUR POSTMAN'S ROUTE IS/BRIDGETOWN No.15/Please include it as part of your Address, and ask your correspon/dents to do so." (Proud Type 145, this being the only recorded date for No.15 instruction).

CAYMAN ISLANDS postal history
1913 cover (opened 2 sides) to Chas H. Phelps, Milk River Baths (mineral springs, highly radioactive), Milk River P.O., Jamaica with KGV 1d red pmk'd Type 5 GEORGETOWN MY 3 13 (SG lists FE 25 13 as release or earliest date), re-directed in blue crayon to Moneague House Hotel, Kingston and three times endorsed manuscript "Left the Island" with purple "REMOVED/ADDRESS UNKNOWN." (Proud Type 1100) and black "UNCLAIMED." (with stop), red RETURNED LETTER BRANCH, JAMAICA dated 9 JU 13 and presumed sender's name of "Mrs A.J. Robertson" in red crayon at left edge. A rare commercial inter-island cover full of character.

GB used abroad at CALLAO, Peru postal history (Ex DALE LICHTENSTEIN)
1876 cover to Cumnock, Ayrshire with Peru 1d green (creased) and w/marginal pair GB QV 9d pale straw Plate 4 (SG.Z50, Cat.£400) pmk'd Callao "C38" with blue COLVILLE & Co, CALLAO sender's cachet dated OCT 14 1876 alongside address panel, reverse with A/CALLAO/OC 14 76 and CUMNOCK A/NO 13 76 arrival, some peripheral faults and damaged flap. Ex DALE LICHTENSTEIN

1843 outer wrapper to Bristol with red BELIZE JA 19 1843 dbl-arc rated 1/-, reverse MR 6 arrival. Ex BARNSTONE (1980).

ST. CHRISTOPHER postal history
1866 stampless cover to London with red ST. KITTS/C/NO 27/66/PAID cds and red LONDON PAID 15 DE 66 arrival rated red crayon "11".
Proofed JU 29 1866 with 7 strikes C/AU 11 66 to C/DE 28 66 and 6 strikes A/MR 27 68 to A/SP 17 69 currently recorded

Second Sailing GB used abroad, BRITISH GUIANA postal history
1858 entire headed "(Duplicate) Demerara May 10th 1858" (being the date GB stamps placed on sale having arrived the day before on the MY 9 1858 steamer) with lightly creased and badly defective GB 6d pmk'd crisply struck "A03" to London with DEMERARA MY 25 1858 despatch dbl-arc. A significant item documenting the Second Sailing with duplicate of First Sailing letter.
A first sailing cover pmk'd Demerara MY 10 1858 with GB 6d used strip of four pmk'd "A03" to James Ewing in Glasgow is recorded

BARBADOS postmark on St. Lucia stamp
dated I/DE 29 76 on 1864-76 (1d) intense black P.12½ (SG.11a), a rare and most unusual dated copy.

NEW SOUTH WALES postal history
1875 cover to Paris with three colour franking of 4d, 6d, 1/- pmk'd SYDNEY AU 9 1875, no flap.

1810 neatly written entire headed "Liverpool 7th November 1810" from Redish Bird & Eden to Capt. Thomas Walters, Road Town, Tortola marked "p. Pacqt Via Falmouth Pd Two Enclosures" and rated red "P 6/3" (treble weight) and "1 bit" local delivery charge, reverse weak LIVERPOOL/7 NOV 1810 and manuscript "Tortola Rec'd 24th Janry 1811" by recipient. Written the day after the packets were transferred to Plymouth and unique as being the only entire endorsed "via Falmouth" for posting during the mutiny period, an EXCEPTIONAL CORNWALL EXHIBITION ITEM.
As a consequence of the OC 24 1810 Mutiny at Falmouth, Cornwall (see Britnor P.93, Robertson E.86) the Falmouth packets were transferred to the Hamoaze at Plymouth, Devon on NO 6 1810 where a temporary office was set up by Post Office Agent Saverland and staff at the Fountain Inn until the packets at Plymouth were transferred back FE 4 1811 arriving Falmouth FE 15 1811

BELIZE,/(date)/British Honduras postmark
(D18, introduced after Post Office fire of 17 August 1918), temporary 3-line dated AUG 26 1918 (ERD) on KGV 2c,3c WAR (SG.102b, 118) with date-line 3½mm high.

BELIZE,/(date)/British Honduras postmark
(D18, introduced after Post Office fire of 17 August 1918), temporary 3-line dated (AU)G 19 19(18) on KGV 1c WAR (SG.119) with date-line 5½mm high (with possible differences in typeset of wording BELIZE).
Only two examples of the 5½mm setting are known both being dated AUG 19 1918. The other example ex Addiss on KGV 3c orange WAR (SG.118). The 5½mm setting was replaced by 3½mm setting (ERD being AUG 26 1918)

Manuscript "No 6/E C B/21.4.77" used Fyrish, British Guiana postmark
a very fine upright example dated "21.4.77" on 1876 2c orange CC wmk (SG.127), slight thinning hinge area.
The CCB code cds used Fyrish was lost during 1876

SALT CAY, Turks & Caicos Islands postmark
(D/R) A/MR 27 35 on KGV 3d (SG.168).

4-2-97 village manuscript, St. Christopher postmark
scarcer style on QV 1d carmine-rose (SG.13).

14 in Concentric Circles, Mauritius postmark
on 1872 QV 1d bistre CC wmk (SG.57), full perfs.

1 in Two Concentric Circles, Mauritius postmark
on 1859 Britannia 6d blue (SG.32), mainly clear four margins, design just touched top left corner.

1 in Three Concentric Circles, Mauritius postmark
on 1859 Britannia 6d blue (SG.32, Cat.£55), margins mainly clear on three sides, design cut into in places.

MAILBAG SEAL (unidentified), New South Wales postmark
on 1d, tiny central pin-hole.

VICTORIA WEST, Cape of Good Hope postmark
(CDS) JU 20 82 on "3" on 3d pale dull rose (SG.37).

4 in Concentric Circles, Mauritius postmark
on 1863 QV 6d blue-green CC wmk (SG.65), blunt corner perf.
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