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By LAND ROUTE inter-colonial rate to Melbourne, Victoria, Queensland postal history
1878 cover to Germain Nicholson, Melbourne with QV 2d Chalon tied "QL" with BRISBANE 4/JU 12 78 despatch alongside, reverse Melbourne JN 17 78 arrival.

49, Cape of Good Hope postmark/cancel
on 1d (SG.59a).

ANTIGUA stamps:
1884 QV 6d deep green (SG.29), fine mint block of four from sheet positions 53-54, 65-66 showing small dot in "G" of ANTIGUA (Pos.54). Cat.240.00.

ST. VINCENT postal history
circa 1880 'ON HER MAJESTY'S SERVICE.' (seriffed capitals, 41mm underlining bar) postal stationary envelope (137 x 79mm) unused with large attractive raised white on orange-red embossed seal of colony flap, right flap showing embossed 'WILLIAM BROWN & Co., MAKERS, LONDON'. Flap largely detached (strengthened by hinges) with smaller faults but few believed to exist.
Note: this is a differing size underlining bar to the one illustrated by Vincent Duggleby in the December 1991 BWISC Bulletin No.151 which shows the bar starting under the 'R' of 'HER' and ending under 'SE' of 'SERVICE.'

SYDNEY, Nova Scotia, Canada postal history
1899 cover to Lancaster, Massachusetts with QV 1c pmk'd SYDNEY N.S. cds dated MY 22 99 with two line "INSUFFICIENTLY/PREPAID" and U.S, 2c brown POSTAGE DUE affixed.

ST. GEORGE'S CAY, Belize postal history
1989 use of QE2 10c conch shell Post Card pmk'd BELIZE CITY 25 AU 89 with pair 10c Gibnut tied blue ink ST. GEORGE'S CAY AUG 21 1989 d/ring.

STUBBS in combination with damaged 'T' duty plate variety, St. Vincent postmark/stamp
dated C/AU 14 5 on KE7 1d MCA wmk (SG.86) showing damaged 'T' in 'VINCENT'.

MAJOR ERROR "Revenue" OVERPRINT OMITTED with Crown CA REVERSED watermark, St. Vincent stamps:
1883 THREE PENCE on QV 1d lilac Crown CA REVERSED wmk with "Revenue" OVERPRINT OMITTED (PML.10), superb unused without gum.
PML records this error on Page 147 of the handbook. The later 1897 issues of THREE PENCE on QV 1d mauve and red-mauve (SG.63, 63a) have never been recorded with Crown CA REVERSED wmk.

KINGSTOWN postmark with combination damaged "T" and Crown CA INVERTED wmk, St. Vincent stamp
dated A/OC 4 01 on 1899 QV 1d Keyplate Crown CA INVERTED wmk (SG.68w) in combination with damaged 'T' in 'VINCENT', probably impossible to find another as such.

REGISTERED SURFACE MAIL from SANDY BAY, St. Vincent postal history
1970 mixed franking "Butler" cover to Toronto, Canada with a 23c rate paying the registered surface mail pmk'd SANDY BAY */15 AP 70 with chunky "R" in oval village reg. handstamp alongside the address panel.
Sandy Bay at the northernmost tip of the island is the only village comprised mainly of the surviving indigenous Carib people.

AVOCA, Transvaal railway postmark/cancel
boxed railway cachet in blue on 1885 d grey (SG.175).

5 code used ST. JOHN, Barbados postmark/cancel
(M2-R) normal shaped 5/OC 20 66 on guide-lines positional 1861 (d) blue-green (SG.21a, Cat.75) in combination with Bridgetown "1" bootheel.

PIET RETIEF, Transvaal postmark/cancel
in blue ink dated D/27 DE 92 on 2d (SG.178).

PELGRIMS RUST, Transvaal postmark/cancel
18 FEB 96 on 4d (SG.181).

PELGRIMS RUST, Transvaal postmark/cancel
30 SEP 95 on d on 1/- green (SG.213).

SMITSDORP, Transvaal postmark/cancel
(SQC) 5 AUG 1895 on 2d (SG.178).

COTTONFIELDS, Transvaal postmark/cancel
1 MAY 32 on South Africa 3d.

DIEPSLOOT, Transvaal postmark/cancel
15 NOV 07 on KE7 1d (SG.274).

BELLEVUE T.S.O., JOHANNESBURG, Transvaal postmark/cancel
2 OCT 09 on KE7 6d (SG.266).
Office opened SP 15 1908 and closed JU 1 1911 (only 12 months in Union).

APPAM, Gold Coast postmark/cancel
(T.5) sideways top facing right A/SP 9 91 on QV 6d (SG.17a).
My inventory for Appam T.2 and T.5 cancels embraces 292 items. The sideways "A" code has only been seen for two dates, the other A/DE 3 90 (both top facing right, both Type 5).
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