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ST. VINCENT request: scans of any dated village abbreviated cancels overstruck at Kingstown by HORIZONTAL red "A10" will be greatly appreciated

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SAVANNAH-LA-MAR, Jamaica postal history
1849 entire headed "Petersfield, Westmoreland" to London rated 1/2 with SAVANNAH-LA-MAR FE 18 1849 displaying top flap.

A71 used RODNEY HALL, Jamaica postal history
1864 reduced at base part wrapper to Barclay & McDowell, Kingston with QV 2d Pine tied "A71" with RODNEY HALL 1864/AU 24 dbl-arc alongside.

GREY-TOWN, Nicaragua postal history
1856 piece addressed Edward Clark, Granada, Nicaragua with US 1c blue, 3c rose-red x 2, 3c dull red tied NEW YORK JUN 21 with GREY-TOWN JU 28 1856/A arrival dbl-arc.
Only one other example of the GREY-TOWN double-arc dated MR 1 1856 recorded in the GB used abroad Parmenter/Gordon handbook (Page 4/49).

1840 entire headed and docketed Santa Marta 13 Junio 1840 to Federico Huth, London rated 3/- changed 2/3 showing strong dull purplish-red CARTHAGENA and KINGSTON JU 27 1840 transits, both crossed by same filing fold, with partial red AU 9 1840 arrival.

G15 used BLUE MOUNTAIN VALLEY, Jamaica postal history
1891 use of QV 1d blue Post Card to Kingston with design cancelled "G15" with BLUE MOUNTAIN VALLEY A/JU 12 91 cds alongside, vertical crease but seldom available on entire.

TORTOLA 2-line, Virgin Islands postal history
1816 clearly written lengthy entire (3 pages) from Wilson Lawson to Thomas Walters, Kendal, Westmoreland with 2-line TORTOLA/20 AUG 16 lightly rated "2/4 pd" in red.

KWALE, Southern Nigeria postmark
(T.6A) in purple dated DE 16 11 on KE7 d (SG.33).

IFON, Southern Nigeria postmark period
(T.3b) A/JU 8 07 on Lagos KE7 1d (SG.55), surface rub right side.
Lagos almagamated into Southern Nigeria as of May 1st 1906

1887 cover to London with 3 colour combination QV d stone, QV 1d dull rose, QV 2d ultramarine pmk'd St. Georges K3 "2" duplex dated A/JA 13 87, edge toning. Ex LUDINGTON, OSBORN, SHANKS.

K3a "4" used MANGROVE BAY, Bermuda postal history
1885 cover via New York to Larbert, Stirlingshire with pair QV 4d orange-red Crown CC wmk (SG.20) pmk'd full upr. duplex dated A/DE 3 85, reverse fine strikes Falkirk, Carron, Larbert for DE 18/19 85, central vertical crease.
A DE 3 1885 cover to Hechler/Halifax, Nova Scotia carried S.S. Beta with QV 1d strip of three tied K3a "4" was estimated 4/500 in Ludington sale and realised 920

PORTO-NOVA, Dahomey postmark on LAGOS stamp
dated 13 SEPT 00 on QV 1d (SG.22).

JUMBO MINES, Rhodesia postmark
dated 18 NOV 1910 on KGV 1d DH, some light creasing.

COLIHAUT, Dominica postmark
*/AU 10 51 on KG6 2c (SG.122).

K3a "9", Bermuda postmark
on 1880 QV 4d orange-red CC wmk (SG.20), some clipped perfs.

LUNGI skeleton, Sierra Leone postmark
(088.02) dated 18 JU 58 on QE2 1d (Sg.212).

LLOYD AUSTRIA XIV paquebot postmark on CYPRUS stamp
in blue dated 11 12 00 on QV 30pa Crown CA wmk (SG.17), small facial rub.

SUNGEI PATANI, Kedah postmark
dated 28 SE 1936 on 25c piece.

TEYATEYANENG, Lesotho postmark
dated 18 IV 74 on 3c piece.

LIBERTA, Antigua postmark
dated */22 AP without year on QE2 3c (SG.123) piece.

K3a "3" used INLAND-ISLAND (error), Bermuda postal history
Latest recorded use of 11 months 11 days after introduction of K4/K4a duplex series on 1889 use of QV 1d Post Card pmk'd C/DE 11 89 to Bournemouth, England, reverse headed "H.M.S. Canada, North America & West Indies Station", some faults.
The K4a "3" duplex with corrected IRELAND-ISLAND issued JA 1 1889.
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