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JAMAICA: Please send scans any DRY HARBOUR double-arc datestamps used between AU 29 1857 and SP 1 1859. Much appreciated.

Country: Trinidad Clear
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TRINIDAD postal history
1848 part wrapper docketted along top "Trinidad 4 Dec 1848" to William McGregor Grant, Arnos Vale, St. Vincent rated unpaid "4" showing GRENADA DE 16 1848 transit dbl-arc and ST. VINCENT DE 21 1848 arrival dbl-arc.
Prestamp mail between Trinidad and St. Vincent rarely found.

TRINIDAD postal history
1867 wrapper front plus lower flap to Pointe A Pitre, Guadeloupe with (1d) lake (SG.69) tied Port of Spain numeral "1" with red TRINIDAD PAID NO 24 1867 broken dbl-arc and blue O'CONNOR BROTHERS/ COMMISSION MERCHANTS/TRINIDAD sender's cachet alongside rated red "1" with handstruck black "8". Contents being part Prices Current in French.

TRINIDAD postal history:
1882 wrapper on "Bookman Mills" wmk'd paper with "N. GARDES & Ca, Ciudad Bolivar" purple d/ring sender's cachet endorsed "p. Royal Mail" to Leipzig, Germany with Trinidad 4d grey tied TRINIDAD MY 27 82 cds locally applied and rated red "3" as top flap displays previously unrecorded blue chamfered corners framed "FORWARDED BY/SCHOCK BUNDSCHUH & CO/PORT OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD, W.I." cachet which has sealed tear.

20 used LA BREA, Trinidad postal history
on wrapper front tying 1861 (1d) rose-red (SG.52) addressed Charles Fabien, Port of Spain, reverse text does not include despatch date, faults.

Rowland Hill 1/- EXPORTERS LETTER SERVICE by Hovercraft in combination with TRINIDAD postal history
1975 cover to Calais, France with QE2 5c, 30c x 2 pmk'd 9 MAR 74 with red boxed FLOWN BY/HOVERCRAFT RAMSGATE and 1/- EXPORTERS LETTER SERVICE label depicting Sir Rowland Hill tied blue POSTE - RESTANTE/BP 300-62/CALAIS - RAMSGATE cachet.

TRINIDAD postal history
1942 Queen's Park Hotel envelope with handstruck corrected spelling OPENED BY CENSOR No.10 (TR CH 5) with KG6 6c, 24c pmk'd P.O.S. FE 28 42, some opening tears top left.

PENAL ROCK JUNCTION, Trinidad postal history
(T.3) C/MR 14 29 on KGV 1d rate cover to Montgomery Ward, Chicago.

LAVENTILLE skeleton, Trinidad postal history
(T.10) dated 11 FE 81 on reg. 70c plus 15c rate cover to Port of Spain.

COUVA skeleton, Trinidad postal history
(T.10) dated 26 FE 73 on reg. QE2 55c rate cover to Chicago.

CUREPE skeleton, Trinidad postal history
(T.10) showing reversed last "D" in TRINIDAD dated 5 AP 51 on 3c Univ. cover to Port of Spain.

CUREPE, Trinidad postal history
skeleton (T.10) dated 7 JY 51 on KG6 6c, 24c cover to London, some soiling and opening tears.

TRINIDAD postal history:
KGV 3d PSRE ovp'd "SPECIMEN", fine unused.

AJAX ST., Trinidad postal history
(T.10) skeleton dated 23 JA 80 on 6c locally used commercial window envelope.

GEORGE VILLAGE, Trinidad postal history
(T.10) skeleton dated 19 MR 70 on QE2 6c rate cover to Pointe-A-Pierre, rare commercial use.

TRINIDAD postal history:
1896 cover from CHILE with 10c rate pmk'd Valparaiso 27-1 1896 to Port-of Spain, Trinidad with JAMAICA/TRANSIT above address panel.

CEDROS, Trinidad postal history, end of 64 year reign
pmk'd on the date of the death of Queen Victoria A/JA 22 01, soiling etc.

POSTAGE PAID, Trinidad postal history
(F8) struck in purple with POSTMASTER, PORT-OF-SPAIN str. line below, plus signature, on crumpled condition stampless cover to Sug. Lt. R.S. Thubion, R.N.A. Station, Piarco with despatch datestamp MR 28 41, reverse opened roughly at left with oval Bank of Canada MAILED MAR 28 1941 sender's cachet.
Proud Page 240 illustrates this boxed POSTAGE PAID as Type F8 but cannot supply any dates of use.

COUVA, Trinidad
dated B/AU 4 98 on QV d Post Card uprated with d to Worcester re-addressed Bristol.

AJAX ST skeleton, Trinidad
dated 18 FE 81 on 10c rate local cover.

T.21 used CEDROS, Trinidad
(Type 0.9) C/FE 16 84 as arrival b/stamp on QV d Post Card pmk'd TRINIDAD A/FE 16 84 cds to Cedros.
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