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Wanted: St. Vincent Philatelic Bureau printed announcement or UH cat page for 1975 Carnival issue, need printing quantities stamps & booklet. Thks

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YUNDUM AIRPORT, Gambia postal history
*/26 JY 65 on First Airmail from Yundum Airport with QE2 4d, 6d (reverse), 1/3d to Scotland, blue BATH reg. label, reverse GAMBIA FIELD FORCE sender's h/stamp.

ST. JOHN'S, Antigua postal history
1929 (SP 26) FFC to Porto Rico with KGV 1d, 1d, 2 x 2d, 2d pmk'd St. John's arriving San Juan 7pm.

EL SALVADOR to Bahamas First Flight cover:
1931 (JU 29) pilot signed reg. FFC with 5c, 3 x 25c, various cachets and b/stamped Nassau 1 JY 31 arrival, rare.

1964 FFC Miami to Rock Sound, Bahamas

1931 FFC La Guayra, Venezuela to POS
pmkd POS FE 10 31, no arrival backstamp.

1938 FFC Liverpool to POS
pmkd JA 31 38 showing new 1/- rated (FDC for GB KG6 3d) arriving POS 11 FE 38.

1931 FFC Maturin, Venezuela to POS
pmkd FE 13 31 arriving same day, toning.

1961 FFC POS to New York
pmkd 11 JU 61, b/stamped New York (IDL) JUN 11 1961.

1931 FFC Cristobal, Canal Zone to Trinidad
pmkd FE 12 b/stamped FE 13 arrival.