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ST. VINCENT request: scans of any dated village abbreviated cancels overstruck at Kingstown by HORIZONTAL red "A10" will be greatly appreciated

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JAMAICA postal history
SPANISH TOWN (P2b) on entire dated JA 21 1846 to Friendship Estate, Bath rated "4" for inland and incorrect Post Town to England "1/2" (deleted).

Return by RMSP "Solway" (6th home, arriving Falmouth MY 26), JAMAICA postal history
1842 entire showing large part SPANISH-TOWN (P2b) dated AP 15 1842 to Alexander Murchison, Elgin rated 1/- with MY 28 and MY 29 transits and boxed ELGIN/MY 30/1842 arrival.

Return by RMSP "Clyde" (35th home, arriving Falmouth JY 1), JAMAICA postal history
1843 entire headed "Ballards Valley 30th May 1843" to James Irving, London rated 1/- showing KINGSTON JU 1 1843 despatch and London JY 2 1843 arrival.
Mail landed Falmouth JY 1 1843 by R.M.S. Clyde included Halifax mail from Schooner Margaret becalmed off Bermuda

Return by RMSP "Clyde" (5th home, arriving Falmouth May 8th), Jamaica postal history
KINGSTON, JAMAICA MR 25 1842 dbl-arc on upper flap overstruck partial MY 10 arrival on entire to Liverpool rated 1/-.

SAVANNAH-LA-MAR, Jamaica postal history
1849 entire headed "Petersfield, Westmoreland" to London rated 1/2 with SAVANNAH-LA-MAR FE 18 1849 displaying top flap.

ST. KITTS postal history
double-arc dated JA 27 1855 on 6d rated wrapper to Alnwick.
Examples of the 6d rate (introduced MR 23 1854) being scarce from St. Christopher

JAMAICA postal and social history
1824 entire headed "New Pera Estate, Saint Thomas in the East, Jamaica" from John Wallace to his brother Andrew Wallace in Auchterless, Aberdeenshire pmk'd KINGSTON AU 2 1824 (K2) and rated 2/-. Contents mention the return on Mr. Barclay to his native country after an absence of upwards of twenty years, and "some disturbances among the Negroes which we must expect owing to the fanatical Biggots in England".

JAMAICA postal history:
1847 FALMOUTH (P4, damaged rim at 5 o'clock) dated JA 20 1847 rated 1/2 to London, docketted Dry Harbour January 18th, Thos. H. Clark on side-flap.

JAMAICA postal history:
1836 large piece outer wrapper to Grenada docketted "Jamaica 30th Sept. 1836" rated black "4" and "2/6d unpaid with poor KINGSTON OC 8 1836 on upper flap. Part contents imply that "acts of rebellion" had been committed in St. Thomas in the Vale and surrounding districts by the Apprentices and their Masters and Managers.

JAMAICA postal history
January 1st 1851 printed circular from Kingston to London rated 1/- in black with MR 10 1851 arrival additionally showing circular 5/NEW YORK/FEB 26 and red framed MAITLAND PHELPS & Co/NEW-YORK cachet.
The circular 10/NEW YORK (half ounce mail) and 20/NEW YORK (under one ounce mail) are regular seen, but the 5/NEW YORK on printed matter very seldom seen on BWI correspondence

PLANTAIN GARDEN RIVER, Jamaica postal history
1861 entire headed "Duckenfield" to Barclays & McDowall, Kingston rated "4" with PLANTAIN-GARDEN-RIVER (P5) dated MR 29 1861 displaying top flap with KINGSTON MR 30 1861 arrival on address panel.
Jamaica own stamps placed on sale NO 23 1860, no "A62" covers recorded by me until JU 3 1864 with this being the only PGR entire recorded between the two dates

BAHAMAS postal history:
entire to New York with part contents docketted Nassau 2 Feb 1848 and landed New Orleans FEB 22 by private ship, rated 12(c).

TRINIDAD postal history:
1828 incoming to Trinidad from St. Mawes JA 16 1828 with unusual toned sheet edges (as mourning bands), mention recent death of poor Edward and now dear suffering sister Mary. Rated 1/3, no despatch or arrival markings.
Ingoing mail very scarce.

SPANISH TOWN, Jamaica postal history
(P1 in black) dated MY 30 1835 (the Foster ERD) on wrapper docketted as from St. Mary (MY 27) to London rated 2/2.

Immigration to Australia, Cholera outbreak, JAMAICA postal and social history
1852 entire from Robert Bogle to D.J. Lanman, New York marked "pr. American steamer Sierra Nevada" with red KINGSTON JAMAICA PAID dated JY 24 1852/A rated red "4" with STEAMSHIP 10 Cts. Contents refer to a great many young men finding their way to Australia determined to seek their fortunes with an agent sent to New York to charter a fine vessel to come here and fit out, she is to carry 50 passengers at $200 each, plus we have had very bad accounts from Navy Bay, a number of people who went there (report) more dead than alive, Cholera has broken out among the people, our authorities act with much indifference, An American Steamer is now coming in from Navy Bay, I suppose I fear the accounts by her will be bad, the operations on the Railway are likely to be impeded if cholera breaks out.

BAHAMAS postal history:
1850 entire from Governor's Harbour, Bahamas to London rated 1/- with clear BAHAMAS OC 10 1850/B broken dbl-arc despatch. Ex MORETON BLACK.

MARTHA/BRAE and IAMAICA, Jamaica postal history
1792 lengthy entire from David Hood headed "Trelawny, Jamaica 7th Feb 1792" to James Stothart in Dumfries rated 1/- changed 1/7 showing weak MARTHA/BRAE (overstruck MAR 26 arrival) and IAMAICA (42 x 6mm).
Contents include "Mr. Meredith, Postmaster & clerk of the vestry, died lately at Martha Brae"

TORTOLA 2-line, Virgin Islands postal history
1816 clearly written lengthy entire (3 pages) from Wilson Lawson to Thomas Walters, Kendal, Westmoreland with 2-line TORTOLA/20 AUG 16 lightly rated "2/4 pd" in red.

TRINIDAD postal history
1848 part wrapper docketted along top "Trinidad 4 Dec 1848" to William McGregor Grant, Arnos Vale, St. Vincent rated unpaid "4" showing GRENADA DE 16 1848 transit dbl-arc and ST. VINCENT DE 21 1848 arrival dbl-arc.
Prestamp mail between Trinidad and St. Vincent rarely found.

JAMAICA postal history:
1850 PAID AT VALPARAISO Crowned Circle via JAMAICA to the USA, indistinct strike on cover originating from an American ship (probably a whaler) to Hannah Bradshaw care of Capt. John Bradshaw in Massachusetts arriving MOBILE, Ala./10 MAY/(due)10 with reverse showing Valparaiso JA 30 1850 despatch and Kingston, Jamaica MR 6 1850 transit.
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