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ST. VINCENT request: scans of any dated village abbreviated cancels overstruck at Kingstown by HORIZONTAL red "A10" will be greatly appreciated

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GRENADA postal history
1897 poorly opened three sides with tear across address panel reg. cover to Myerscough in London with QV d (SG.30) strips of six and three, top left stamp showing distinctive short left leg to "H" of HALFPENNY, pmk'd St. David's "E" for NO xx 97 (without day slug).

Parish "B" (INVERTED) used St. Marks, Grenada postal history
1898 use of QV 2d grey PSRE with added QV 2d Keyplate (SG.51) to Egerton Burnett Ltd, Wellington, Somerset pmk'd "B" dated 17 FE 98, the removable "B" being inverted.
Only two covers with 2nd Parish Type INVERTED "B" are currently recorded, the other dated DE 12 95

BRITISH GUIANA postal history
1896 use of complete 2c carmine PSE locally to Hopetown, West Coast, Berbice pmk'd Georgetown and on reverse FORT WELLINGTON OC 10 96 d/ring opened 3 sides to show full intense offset of the printed design.
Not recorded in T+H handbook

LEEWARD ISLANDS postal history
1902 cover locally posted within Roseau with "One Penny" on QV 4d tied "A07" with DOMINICA */AU 22 02 cds alongside, flap missing but overprint showing small "n" in "Penny" variety/error.

JAMAICA postal history
QV 1d slate UPU Reply Card complete unused with unlisted variety Perf. 14 DOUBLE PERFORATIONS, minor soiling.

ST. ANNS BAY (horiz. line below year), Jamaica postal history
1854 petite ladies envelope marked "O.H.M.S." and "Paid" by sender (hopeful of free post) to His Excellency Sir Henry Barkly K.C.B. at Kings House, (Spanish Town) but mistakenly rated to Kingston (61 miles = 6d) with red "Paid 6" showing "6" altered "4" for the correct 48 miles = 4d, address panel with very fine ST. ANNS-BAY dbl-arc (P3) dated SE 22 1854 with distinctive small horiz. line variety below year, reverse with SPANISH TOWN SP 23 1854 arrival.
Kings House, Spanish Town was the residence of the Governor. When Kingston became the capital in 1872 a new official residence called King's House was constructed (destroyed by earthquake 1907). The bar below year has meaning as it has been seen in a double arc used elsewhere

CUREPE skeleton, Trinidad postal history
(T.10) showing reversed last "D" in TRINIDAD dated 5 AP 51 on 3c Univ. cover to Port of Spain.

JAMAICA postal history
1877 d red/blue Floriate Post Card showing sideways ornament top right corner pmk'd Kingston JY 23 77 to Kingston.

"BIRDS FRIGHTENED BY FALLING MASONRY!" variety, Jamaica postal history
newly discovered plate variety on KG6 1/- on reg. cover to Leicester pmk'd WHITFIELD TOWN MR 1 55.
with normal enlargement for comparison

MALTA postal history:
c1941 printed stampless cover with "AIR MIAL" error marked "On Active Service" with purple triangular No.33 censor handstamp addressed Preston, Lancs.

A66 used PORT MARIA, Jamaica postal history
tying "TWO PENCE/HALF PENNY" on QV 4d red-brown (SG.30) with "HALF.-" variety (looks like "HALE) on cover to Scotland b/stamped Port Maria FE 1 91, New York FE 18 91 and Dundee MR 2 91, toning, small part flap removed. Village covers for this issue seldom encountered.

NEW ENGLAND, SIERRA LEONE (reversed "E") skeleton, Sierra Leone postal history
(119.01) dated 17 SP 46 on KG6 3d PSRE with added KG6 3d, 1/-, 1/3d to London, boxed "R" reg. h/stamp with manuscript "New England", some reverse soiling.
Probably unique on cover with reversed "E" recorded period JY 20 46 to SP 20 46 (corrected thereafter).

SER.ET variety, Jamaica postal history
1905 cover with 1d Arms (SG.34a) tied CHAPLETON sqc OC 7 05 locally to St. Anns Bay (OC 9 05), small opening tear top right corner clear of adhesive.

TRANSVAAL postal history
No stop after "I" in "V.R.I." to INDIA, full cover pmk'd Standerton 2 APR 01 with 1d (SG.102d, Cat.1,000 mint, unpriced used) to Surat, India.

1907 2c with unrecorded PLATE SCRATCH to Canada