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ST. VINCENT request: scans of any dated village abbreviated cancels overstruck at Kingstown by HORIZONTAL red "A10" will be greatly appreciated

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Subject: KE7 Head pmks Clear

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JOHANNESBURG "3", Transvaal postal history
cover with block of six KE7 1d pmk'd 9 AUG 04 to Hobart, Tasmania.

RAYTON, Transvaal postal history
dated 29 SEP 05 on block of four KE7 1d cover to Hobart, Tasmania, printed "Diamond Mining Co." flap, some soiling.

IRENE, Transvaal postal history
dated 23 MAY 10 on KE7 1d Post Card to Hamburg, full reverse text.

JOHANNESBURG "20", Transvaal postal history
reg. cover with KE7 d, block of six KE7 1d pmk'd 3 SEP 04 to Hobart, Tasmania, roughly opened top left.

FORDSBURG, Transvaal postal history
3 SEP 04 tying KE7 d, 6d on reg. cover to Tasmania, some soiling.

UMZINTO RAIL, Natal postal history
(N) A/MR 5 1904 on KE7 1d b/w ppc of Solitude - Natal Scenery.

JOHANNESBURG, Transvaal postal history
reg. cover with KE7 1d x 5, KE7 4d pmk'd 6 AUG 04 to Hobart, Tasmania.

ZEERUST, Transvaal postal hisory
on KE7 1d PSE with added KE7 d, 1d dated 17 APR 11 to Switzerland, slightly soiled.

BELFAST, Transvaal postal history
(D/R) dated 3 SEP 13 on KE7 1d PSE with added pair KE7 1d to Lugano, Switzerland.

HILLARY, Natal postal history
(M.4.1 with Hillarys "S" excised) arrival in purplish ink dated AU 18 09 on b/w ppc of "Robinson's Mine" mailed with KE7 d at Durban.

REGISTERED JOHANNESBURG, Transvaal postal history
(D/R) in blue ink dated 7 APR 04 on KE7 1d pink PSE with added KE7 d, 1d, 4d to Hobart, Tasmania. Both low values with very large part of stamps removed, one by scissors, as if deliberately to hide previous (cancelled) use.

CLEVELAND (two types), Transvaal postal history
(D/R) both small and large each dated 16 SEP 04 on KE7 d x 3, 1d, 4d reg. cover to Hobart, Tasmania.

PILGRIMS REST, Transvaal postal history
dated 1 DEC 05 on KE7 1d UPU Post Card to St. Anna-Parochie, Friesland, Holland, reverse text.

UMZUMBI RAIL, Natal postal history
(M.2) A/AU 9 09 on KE7 2d rate cover to Kansas, fractionally reduced at left.

SCHROEDERS, Natal postal history
(M.3.4) dated D/JU 29 07 on uprated full text KE7 d Post Card to Berlin.

457 used BOWDEN, Cape of Good Hope postal history
on KE7 1d rate cover to Transvaal dated JU 4 4, peripheral faults and opened 2 sides.

NOODSBERG ROAD RAIL, Natal postal history
arrival dated C/MY 23 04 on KE7 d Post Card pmk'd Ennersdale P/MY 21 04, b/stamped Ladysmith and Pietermaritzburg.

POA.36, Natal postal history
1909 KE7 1d LETTER CARD written 21/1 09 pmk'd P.O.A.36 to Brook'S Store, Impendhle.

WOLMARANSSTAD, Transvaal postal history
on KE7 4d PSRE with added KE7 2d dated 10 FEB 08 to Germany, fine purple registration h/stamp.

ZEERUST, Transvaal postal hisory
on KE7 d x 3 (one, corner fault), KE7 1d cover dated 26 APR 08 to Denmark, slight soiling.
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