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JAMAICA: Please send scans any DRY HARBOUR double-arc datestamps used between AU 29 1857 and SP 1 1859. Much appreciated.

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Subject: Squared Circles Clear

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1893 cover with superb magenta sender's cachet to Germany with pair 2d pmk'd JOHANNESBURG 28 MEI 93 sqc.

Combination GERMANY and NEW ZEALAND, postal history
1891 cover with Reichpost 20pf blue twice pmk'd OLDENBURG 13/2 91 to sailor Heinrich Rose on the German Barque Kiandra/Kapitan Ahlers addressed care of Messrs. Cunningham in Christ Church who affixed QV 2d pmk'd CHRISTCHURCH 31 MR 91 for re-direction to Dunedin, reverse London transit, incoming Christchurch 30 MR 91 plus arrival, opened two sides, unusual.

RETURNED FOR/POSTAL ADDRESS, Jamaica postal history
(Proud Type 173, ERD) on QV d Reply Post Card (reverse blank) pmk'd KINGSTON 3D/FE 26 90 sqc from Capt. Clark to a George D'Pass with text reading "I leave today for Buff Bay and to leave next week for Kingston. What you have for me save for me. I been laying here six days now and would take to rum quickly". He obviously did as with no postal address.

CHRISTIANA, Jamaica postal history
1892 QV 1d blue Post Card, with faults, pmk'd poor Christiana JU 13 92 sqc to Wood Green showing Returned Letter Branch cancels for both London and Jamaica.

KINGSTON, Jamaica postal history
(SQC) dated MY 24 88 on QV 1d blue Post Card to Mandeville with m/script "Unclaimed" and boxed RETURNED LETTER BRANCH 11 JY 88 plus MADEVILLE sqc dated M/MY 24 88 and M/JY 9 88.

CAPE-TOWN, Cape of Good Hope postal history
(SQC) dated JY 2 83 on 1d within city cover, middle top opening tear, JACOT & PRILLEVITZ printed sender's flap.

FICKSBURG, Orange Free State postal history
(SQC) in purple ink dated 23 AUG 95 tying d, pair 1d on cover to Dulwich, b/stamped red London SP 17 95 arrival, peripheral opening faults along top.
The "18" numeral with Ficksburg sqc seen as late as 18 MEI 96 on this correspondence

KINGSTON, Jamaica postal history
cover with QV 2 x 2d paying UPU 4d rate postage to Birmingham plus QV 1d, 2d paying 3d Late Fee pmk'd II R/MY 28 87, most of cover reverse removed.

RETURNED-LETTER-OFFICE, Cyprus postal history
(T.10AA) B/MR 19 00 on QV pi Newswrapper pmk'd Nicosia B/JA 10 00 to Cairo where boxed REFUSE added.

ANCHOVY, Jamaica
(SQC) dated C/JY 16 96 tying 5 x QV d (SG.16a) on cover to London.

SER.ET variety, Jamaica postal history
1905 cover with 1d Arms (SG.34a) tied CHAPLETON sqc OC 7 05 locally to St. Anns Bay (OC 9 05), small opening tear top right corner clear of adhesive.

KLEIN DRAKENSTEIN, Cape of Good Hope postal history
MR 7 05 on full QV 1d Reply Paid Post Card with text to Natal.