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ST. VINCENT request: scans of any dated village abbreviated cancels overstruck at Kingstown by HORIZONTAL red "A10" will be greatly appreciated

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Subject: KG6 postmarks Clear

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*/12 MY 37 on Coronation trio cover.

*/DE 18 46 on plain card to USA, no reverse text.

BERMUDA postal history:
KG6 3d PSRE piece with added GB KG6 1d, 3 x 6d pmk'd undated red POST OFFICE/(5 BARS)/MARITIME MAIL.

LAYOU, St. Vincent postal history
cover with poor strikes dated */5 NO 46, b/stamped Kingstown B/5 NO 46, soiled.

MONA, Jamaica
purple TRD dated 21 APR 1952 on commercial cover, no b/stamps.

*/12 DE 46 on reg. Wells cover.

MATTRU, Sierra Leone postal history
(112.02) */20 DE 54 tying KG6 1/3d added QE2 4d PSRE, standard blue "Mattru" printed reg. label.

ROKUPR, Sierra Leone postal history
(135.02) AU 1 39 tying KG6 2d (SG.191) added KG6 3d PSRE to Old Hill, England, boxed handstruck reg. h/stamp.

CASTRIES, St. Lucia postal history
reg. cover, blue printed flap with Royal Air Force motto "Per Ardua ad Astra", with KG6 Coronation set pmk'd 8 JY 37 addressed R.A.F. Halton, Bucks.

PUJEHUN, Sierra Leone postal history
(129.01) */JU 7 39 on KG6 3d PSRE with added KG6 2d to London, boxed PUJEHUN reg. h/stamp.

BAUYA, Sierra Leone postal history
(011.02) on 6 colour mixed franking censored cover with KG6 d, 1d, 1d, 3d, 4d, 5d (making 1/3d rate) to Watford, Herts dated */23 MY 44 with indistinct censor identification (QQ/1?), reverse senders address of S. Bell, E.T.I. Railway, Bauya.

PEKA, Basutoland postal history
(D4) 3 AUG 37 on KG6 Coronation trio cover, boxed PEKA registration h/stamp.

G.R. NATA, Cyprus postal history
(T.28) tying KG6 1pi on local Co-op cover, reverse Paphos 8 JY 47 cds.

SANDY POINT, St. Kitts-Nevis postal history
censored cover to Downing Street with KG6 d, 1/- pmk'd NO 21 42.

LANDRAIL POINT, Bahamas postal history
reg. local cover with bluish-black TRD dated JAN 7 1952.

CALLIAQUA, St. Vincent postal history
on full cover dated */30 JY 55.

SHENGE, Sierra Leone postal history
(145.07) */17 SP 54 on KG6 4d, 1/3d cover to Kilmarnock, boxed h/struck reg. h/stamp.

G.R. MONAGROULLI, Cyprus postal history
(T.28) on KG6 1pi local Co-op cover, reverse Limassol and Nicosia 30 JU 49 cds.
Greek village, population 445 in 1960

G.R. LIMNIA FA, Cyprus postal history
(T.26) on KG6 1pi RSW cover, reverse Famagusta and Nicosia 27 JA 49 cds.

G.R. VASILIA, Cyprus postal history
(T.28) on KG6 1pi local cover, reverse Nicosia 7 JA 49 cds.
Mixed village, now under Turkish rule as KASIYAKA
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