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ST. VINCENT request: scans of any dated village abbreviated cancels overstruck at Kingstown by HORIZONTAL red "A10" will be greatly appreciated

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Subject: TRDs Clear

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DUFF HOUSE, Jamaica postal history
purple TRD dated 1 NOV 1951 on cover to Shropshire

LINTON PARK, Jamaica postal history
purple TRD dated 26 MAR 1942 on reg. cover to St. Anns Bay.

ALLMAN, TOWN, Jamaica postal history
1940 reg. cover from Woodbrook (per flap) with Trinidad KG6 6c, 8c, 24c tied REGISTRATION 11 SEP 40 to Kingston, Jamaica backstamped purple boxed ALLMAN TOWN temporary rubber dated 14 9 1940.

FONT HILL, JAMAICA postal history
purple TRD dated 27 NOV 1954 on commercial card.

ASHTON, JAMAICA postal history
purple TRD dated 22 DEC 1955 on full cover

GREAT GUANA CAY ABACO, Bahamas postal history
1978 cover to Nassau with QE2 5c fish pmk'd GREAT GUANA CAY, ABACO purple TRD dated MAY 26 1978.

BICKERSTETH, Jamaica postal history
1991 cover to Mandeville P.O. with pair 25c fish pmk'd BICKERSTETH FE 25 91 with large purple "MISSENT" and reverse with JONES TOWN POST OFFICE purple TRD dated 28 FEB 1991.

GRENADA postal history
1944 stampless OHMS/S. DE S.M. cover to Mrs Rose Joseph, Gouyave Estate with purple oval WINDWARD ISLANDS/2 DEC 1944/GARRISON H.Q. cachet, reverse GOUYAVE */11 DE 44 and */14 DE 44 d/rings.

TRANSVAAL postal history
1905 cover to Ladysmith, Natal with KE7 1d tied BRITISH ASSOCIATION JOHANNESBURG purple TRD dated 1 SEP 1905, light central vertical crease.

21 to 26 Feb. 1927 purple temporary rubber datestamp on large part KGV d Newsqwapper to famous author and collector of Jamaica L.C.C. Nicholson in Peckham, London.

CEDAR VALLEY, Jamaica postal history
TRD Type 7 applied on arrival on part QV d Newswrapper with added QV 1d pmk'd Kingston 4F/MY 21 94 marked "by Book Post" to Cedar Valley showing crayon "Missent" with COLD SPRING cds alongside.

GUAVA RIDGE, Jamaica postal history
purple TRD dated 16 MAR 1972 on 5c, 8c local cover, Kingston reg. label changed Guava Ridge.

GARDEN HILL, Jamaica postal history
purple TRD dated 24 DEC 1963 on printed text Post Card with QE2 2d FFH.

MYRTLE BANK, Jamaica postal history:
(TRD 16) in purple dated set "1910" tying 1d Arms (SG.40) on ppc of "No.48 Port Antonio" locally dated A/AP 20 10 to the USA.

MARSH HARBOUR, Bahamas postal history
purplish TRD dated SEP 25 1971 tying Coinage issues on cover.

LANDRAIL POINT, Bahamas postal history
reg. local cover with bluish-black TRD dated JAN 7 1952.

VOLKSRUST, Transvaal postal history
purple ARMY POST OFFICE d/ring dated 14 SEP 1900 on On Active Service stampless cover to East Dulwich, postscript on reverse says "I enclose the curl for fear of losing it. Atlee". Some peripheral tears/faults.

CAYON temporary rubber datestamp, St. Kitts-Nevis
dated C/13 FEB 30 tying horiz. strip of three scarce reversion to Die I Leewards KGV d blue-green (SG.82, Cat.50 each used) on cover to Lennards Ltd., Bristol, some smaller faults.
Commercial mail with the Cayon TRD exceedingly rare.

MONA, Jamaica
purple TRD dated 21 APR 1952 on commercial cover, no b/stamps.

purple TRD dated 19 APR 1960 on 9 x QE2 2d cover to London, one stamp missing corner.
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